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Sacred Ink is a collection of photographic art and stories to explore the intersection of spiritual life and tattoos. Sacred Ink will engage the campus and community in a conversation about the artistry and deep meaning of tattoos and how they tie into our personal faith stories. The traveling gallery will help to bridge the generational gap, engage the faith community, and to bring about a greater understanding of the significance of wearing our sacred stories "on our sleeve."

Meet the Artists

Myles McGhee

Myles McGhee is a senior Stamps Art and Design student with a focus in photography. His work features gallery displays in Scene Metrospace in East Lansing, MI, as well as digital content for Michigan Medicine, and the James and Anne Duderstadt Center. The rest of his portfolio is comprised of portraits, editorial, art/experimental, street, and food photography. Across his various interests, Myles approaches each project with a desire to capture the unique qualities of the subject in frame.

Gabrielle Mack

Gabrielle Mack is a mixed media artist and photographer, working with digital and analog film to create profiles and imagined worlds. Gabrielle is a recent graduate from the Penny Stamps School of Art and Design in Ann Arbor, where she currently works and resides. 

Gabrielle Mack.jpeg
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